Breast Reshaping

Not all breasts are created equal.

Some just don’t fit the mould. Or the bra. They’re too pointy. Or too lumpy. One’s too big. Or too small. Maybe you’ve already had a procedure somewhere else and the result is, unfortunately, not what you wanted. The Plastic Surgeons at Re. have a vast amount of experience dealing with what other surgeons call “difficult cases”. Reshaping breasts to make them fuller, rounder, smaller, bigger.



Reshape your life

Re. imagine your life, at Re.

When you choose to change the shape of your breasts, the choice is a personal one. At Re. we believe the experience should also be a very personal one.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel respected, understood and supported. At every stage, you’ll feel confident about the experience and, we believe, confident about the next part of your journey.



It starts with our people

You’ll be seen and supported by a highly qualified highly experienced Plastic Surgeon.

You will not see a cosmetic surgeon. You can read why Re. only uses Plastic Surgeons, here.

With years of highly specialised training, and a dedication to their craft, your surgeon will consider your expectations, your assumptions, which breasts work with the type of body you have, what needs you have and your lifestyle, to help you make the decision that’s right for you.


Luxurious, private and personal

Please allow an hour for your initial consultation.

You’ll be seen in the surgeon’s private consulting room. In comfort and security, you’ll be able to discuss the procedure in detail, from the size of breasts you want, the shape you’re looking for, the surgery itself, as well as all preparation and post-surgical recovery.

You’ll be able to see what your breasts can look like. So you can feel confident about the outcome before committing to anything more.

Your surgeon will also sit with you and design your personal journey plan, so you know what to expect at every stage.




  • At Re., you’ll be seen by superbly skilled plastic surgeons with 25 years combined experience.
  • Surgeons who are breast and tummy surgery specialists.
  • FRACS accredited and members of the peak Australian industry associations, Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.


  • All procedures are conducted in accredited hospitals with specialist anaesthetists.
  • Our exclusive Re.Care Surgery Program will prepare you better for your surgery and improve your post-operative outcome.
  • Extra treatment to reduce the signs of scars, including non-invasive laser therapy to assist in the healing process.


  • While prices can vary, depending on the procedure, the price you’re quoted will be the price you pay. Guaranteed


  • Modern, comfortable, private consulting rooms considered to be the best in Melbourne.
  • Discreet one-on-one consultations with your surgeon.

Get in touch


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Download photos of breasts you find attractive


During consultations, ask questions. We want you to be happy with your choice


Have your photo taken in your favourite outfit or bikini, before surgery, for comparison afterwards

Our founders

Richard Bloom and Kim Taylor, are both exceptionally experienced plastic surgeons. Together, throughout their careers, they bring over 25 years combined experience to our surgery.

Richard and Kim both have a remarkable amount of specialised experience with tuberous breasts, asymmetrical breasts, reshaping and correcting previous surgeries, including botched holiday surgeries.

Both have multiple accreditations, being Fellows of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, as well as members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

They are committed to achieving a great outcome for you.


No hidden costs

We take great care to help you understand what you’ll need to pay, before you commit to anything.

The cost you receive will cover pre-surgical preparation, hospital and anaesthetist costs, surgical fee, high quality breast implants, post-operative garments and check-ups

Accredited Hospitals

We only perform surgeries at fully-accredited hospitals – institutions that comply with strict Australian health standards. We only partner with experienced professionals who want you to feel safe, confident and valued.

Better pre-op and post-op care

At Re. we consider your entire experience, not just the surgery.

We believe the way you prepare for the surgery, and the care you receive after the surgery is as important as the procedure itself.

And it’s why we developed Re.Care., our unique whole-of-procedure care program.

You can find out more about Re.Care’s exclusive benefits, here.



Breast Reshaping recovery

You will wake up in the recovery bay of the hospital and your breasts will feel swollen but comfortable. You’ll be wearing your post-surgical bra to ensure optimal healing and settling of the implants (where applicable). Most patients stay in hospital for 2-3 hours after they wake up.

The first 48-72 hours are mildly uncomfortable but can be well controlled with pain medication. If your work is not too strenuous you may be able to return after a few days. It is ok to shower and get your dressings wet and you can sleep in any position that is comfortable. You will have your first review appointment at Re.

You can begin to ease back into light physical activities. Most women are able to comfortably start driving.

You should be back to your normal daily routine and enjoying your new shape. Normal post-operative bruising and swelling should be gone, and your scars will begin to fade and diminish. You are able to fully resume normal exercise.

Scar laser treatments.

Making sure every aspect is considered

It’s the little things that make the whole experience better. Your surgeon will take care to carefully considered every aspect of your procedure. This includes making sure the little things are done exactly right.

  • We’ll make sure your scar is as short as possible
  • You scar will be placed in the fold under your breast where it’s least noticeable
  • Prior to your aesthetic, you’ll be given an intravenous antibiotic
  • To avoid excess bleeding, your surgeon will take slow and special care when creating your implant pocket
  • We will ensure minimal skin contact and handling of your implant
  • Before handling the implant, your surgeon will change surgical gloves
  • Your implant pocket will washed carefully with an antibiotic solution or an antiseptic
  • You will not need drains



Your questions answered

There are Plastic Surgeons, “Cosmetic” Surgeons (doctors) and General Surgeons.
You will be most interested in the first two.

While the term “Plastic Surgeon” may seem unappealing, these are exceptionally-highly trained, highly skilled people who are aware of every single aspect of every cosmetic procedure, what needs to happen, what may occur, how a procedure should be managed and what needs to happen to provide the best possible result and leave the minimal possible post-surgical stress.

Only a qualified Plastic Surgeon can call themselves a Plastic Surgeon.
“Cosmetic” surgeons do not have any formal surgical training or have the qualifications to conduct the procedure. They are less accredited and do not have the extensive training required to be a Plastic Surgeon. Look for the reference FRACS (Plas.) after their name.

At Re., you will only be seen by a Plastic Surgeon for surgical procedures.

There are always cheaper options.
There are other operations, and other operators who will promise you larger breasts or flatter tummies.
But they don’t always give you confidence.
There are cheaper implants, cheaper hospitals, less qualified surgeons.
Unfortunately, there is usually a reason why they’re cheaper.
And, while there are even cheaper options overseas, we have fixed enough botched holiday makeovers to know, when it comes to something as important as your body, you can often see where the savings went.

There are cheaper options for your surgery, overseas and around Australia.

Some people will talk as if you can combine a surgery with a holiday. We urge you to seriously consider the implications and your needs after a surgery.
In many instances, the complications can arise because of the incorrect care after the surgery has been completed.
Here’s a checklist for you to consider before you commit to any breast or body surgery:
• Is the doctor a fully qualified Plastic Surgeon? Look for the qualifications FRACS (Plas) after their name.
• Have you and the surgeon discussed what size and shape breast best suits your body shape?
• Has the surgeon shown you what your result will look like?
• Have you seen before and after photographs of the surgeon’s work?
• Does the facility where you are having your surgery meet strict Australian health and hospital standards?
• Is your anaesthetist fully trained?
• Has your surgeon told you which breast implants they will use?
• Will your surgeon be available to discuss any concerns you have after the operation?
• Who will look after you if something goes wrong or if you have a problem once you go home?
• Have you investigated the costs of having a problem fixed?
• Are you comparing apples with apples? Have you been quoted the total costs of having the procedure? This should include:
• All pre-surgical consultations
• Preparation for the surgery itself
• Cost of implants (for breast augmentation procedures)
• What the procedure involves (for example, in a Tummy Tuck, are they tightening the muscle walls or simply removing tissue?)
• The cost of the hospital – is it, in fact, a registered hospital?
• The cost of the anaesthetist (and how qualified they are)
• The cost of the procedure itself
• Post-surgical recovery and an aftercare promise
• Specialised post-operative garments
• Consultations after the surgery
• Scar reduction therapy
• Consultations to address any concerns

Yes. If this is your goal, we will work with you to ensure your breasts look as natural as possible. 

Absolutely. This will be part of your consultation with your surgeon.

The first thing your surgeon will discuss with you is your breast goals. Then your surgeon will examine your breast and chest dimensions and present a number of options.

At Re. we use the latest 3D simulation software, using your own photos, to give you an accurate guide as to what your breasts will look. You can also access these photos at home after your consultation.

Yes. To get the best results and aid recovery, you’ll need to wear garments that support and hold your breasts in place and help reduce swelling and discomfort. At Re. we supply two specially designed post-operative bras (they’re supportive and look so much nicer than many other post-operative garments). Generally, you should wear the post op surgical bra for 6 weeks after your surgery. 

For most women, the best scar will be what is known as the “anchor” style scars. At Re. we believe this gives you the best possible breast shape. Please know, with the breast lift, there will always be a scar around the nipple. We will do our best to keep this as unobtrusive as possible and give you the best looking breasts possible. After the operation, you’ll get two laser scar treatments with our Dermal Clinician. Our dedicated scar management protocol also involves the use of special silicone tape and creams. This is all included in your surgical package.

At Re. we have developed a scar management protocol to ensure you get the best possible outcome. We use silicone tape and gel and complement these with two laser scar treatments. This is all included in your surgical package. 

Yes, you can. Your surgeon will use special dressings which stick well to the skin and will keep your wound dry and promote healing. If you find, after a few days, the dressing is starting to lift at the edges (this is normal) and you would feel more confident with a fresh dressing, please call us and we’ll change your dressing as soon as possible. 

After breast surgery you can sleep in whatever position you find most comfortable. Your breasts will feel slightly uncomfortable for two to three days after the surgery. This can usually be well-handled with normal painkillers.  

It really depends what sort of work you do. If your work is largely office based, you can often return within a week. If your job is more physical, you may need a couple of weeks. 

We’ll get you back to the gym as soon as possible. We have worked with a personal trainer to develop a physical program which starts a week after your surgery. This graduated program will keep you moving and help with your recovery. Your first consultation with our partner Personal Trainer is free as part of your surgical package. You should expect to return to all your normal activities by six weeks.

If you are over 40 years old and have not had a mammogram within the last year, we would recommend having one prior to your surgery. The reason for this is, after your surgery there will be internal scarring which will take some time to settle down. This can make interpretation of a mammogram difficult for a period of time, so it is important to ensure before your surgery that your breasts are clear.

Yes, most women can still breastfeed after breast surgery. It is important to understand, up to 40% of women are unable to breast feed, even without a breast augmentation.

We’re here to help

Contact us today for a no obligation, open chat about your body goals and let us help plan your journey together.