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Mummy Makeover

A Mummy Makeover can give you the body you once had, or one you’ve always wanted. Give you back the curve in your tummy and change the shape of your breasts.


A Mummy Makeover consists of one of three combinations of operations.


A Tummy Tuck to give you back the waist you once had.
A Breast Reduction to make your breasts smaller, lighter, firmer.


Take a few inches off your waist. Tighten up your belly.
Add a bra size. Refill the volume that breastfeeding has taken away.


A Tummy Tuck to take the evidence off your waist. A Breast Lift to remind gravity that she’s not the boss

What is involved?


Your initial consultation will take about an hour and will be with your surgeon. This gives you and your surgeon the time to help you make the right decision for you, based on your body type, your lifestyle, and your expectations.

book and prepare for surgery

When you’re ready we book in your procedure. At Re. we believe the preparation for the surgery, and the care you receive after the surgery is as important as the procedure itself. It’s why we developed a special whole-of-journey program called Re.Care.


You will wake up in the recovery bay of the hospital and your breasts and tummy will feel swollen but comfortable. You’ll be wearing your post-surgical bra and tummy garment to support your new breast and tummy shape. Most women will stay 2 nights in hospital.


The first 48-72 hours are mildly uncomfortable but will be well controlled with pain medication. It is ok to shower and get your dressings wet and you can sleep in any position that is comfortable.

By week 2 You can begin to ease back into light physical activities. Most women are able to comfortably start driving

your recovery journey

You would be back to your normal daily routine and enjoying your new shape. Normal post-operative bruising and swelling should be gone, and your scars will begin to fade and diminish. You are able to fully resume normal exercise.

At the end of this period you will have your first complimentary laser treatment.

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Not quite sure? here’s some common questions …

Pregnancy can take a toll on our bodies, affecting our breasts, tummies, legs and more. After nine months—or more, if breast feeding—you are probably longing for your pre-baby body. A mummy makeover can give you back your shape where diet and exercise have not worked.

A Mummy Makeover, addresses a woman’s post-pregnancy body issues in a single-session surgery that typically combines the following:

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Breast Surgery – Lift or Augmentation 

From a cosmetic standpoint, Mommy Makeovers address pregnancy-related changes in both the breasts and the tummy. The surgery aims to take care of two of the biggest post-pregnancy complaints in one operation. The benefit of combing the operations is that it only requires one anaesthetic, one trip to hospital, one recovery period, one time away from the people you love.

Just about any woman who is in general good health and is looking to improve the tone and shape of her physique could be a good candidate for a mummy makeover. That said, there are a few additional factors that can determine whether a mummy makeover might be right for you at this stage of life.

  • Are you finished having children?
  • How long has it been since you’ve had your last child?
  • Are you currently breastfeeding?
  • What are your appearance goals?

It is best if you are finished having children and done with breastfeeding.

All surgery leaves scars. Most scars will fade in time, about 6-12 months, but the scars will be there in some form forever. Keep in mind that not everyone makes the same kinds of scars, this is largely genetic. Some people make pale, thin scars, while others tend to make thicker scars. Breast scars and tummy scars are generally excellent. We use silicone taping and laser treatments to ensure you get the best possible scars.
A mummy makeover will leave a scar on your breasts (the exact type depends on whether you need a reduction a lift or an implant) as well as a scar going from one hip to the other along your lower abdomen.

Yes, although it depends on your level of insurance cover and which combination of operations you need. We will provide you with any item numbers that apply at the time of your consultation.

Whilst all surgery carries some risk, combining a tummy tuck and breast surgery does not significantly increase your overall risk.
With modern techniques, qualified anaesthetists and accredited state of the art hospitals you will be in safe hands.
Think of the difference between doing everything at once compared to two separate operations like the difference between flying from Melbourne to Perth and flying from Melbourne to Perth with as stopover for 6 weeks in Adelaide (no offence to our South Australian friends).

Why Re.?


  • Superbly skilled plastic surgeons with 25 years combined plastic surgery experience.
  • Breast and tummy experts.
  • FRACS accredited.
  • Members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastics Surgeons.


  • We use best-practice, accredited hospitals, partnering with specialist anaesthetists.
  • Exclusive pre and post-operative program to aid recovery.
  • Laser treatments to reduce the signs of scars.


  • There are no hidden costs:
  • The cost you’re quoted will be the price you pay. $12,990.


  • Best facilities in Melbourne.
  • Luxury and comfort, with industry leading technology.
  • Discreet, face-to-face meetings with your surgeon.

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