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Tummy Tuck

Get back your waistline. For many women no matter how much exercise you do, how many sit-ups, or how many Pilates classes, you can’t lose your belly. Or the backaches. A Tummy Tuck can help.


Is a Tummy tuck right for me?


After babies, weight loss or even the passing years, your tummy skin can get stretched and saggy. A Tummy Tuck can help.


A tummy tuck will strengthen and tighten your abdominal muscles, the spine becomes supported, and your posture better. Back pain related to your weakened core should also be diminished or alleviated entirely.


Liposuction is often used as part of a tummy tuck to improve your waistline and remove those annoying love handles


Help you into that special dress. Help you feel more confident. Help you feel beautiful.

What is involved?


Your initial consultation will take about an hour and will be with your surgeon. This gives you and your surgeon the time to help you make the right decision for you, based on your body type, your lifestyle, and your expectations.

book and prepare for surgery

When you’re ready we book in your procedure. At Re. we believe the preparation for the surgery, and the care you receive after the surgery is as important as the procedure itself. It’s why we developed a special whole-of-journey program called Re.Care.


You will wake up in the recovery bay of the hospital and your tummy will feel swollen but comfortable. You’ll be wearing your post-surgical compression garment to ensure optimal healing and support of your tummy. Most patients will stay one or two nights in hospital.


The first 48-72 hours are mildly uncomfortable but will be well controlled with pain medication. It is ok to shower and get your dressings wet. You can either sleep on your side or with some pillows behind your knees.

By week 2 You can begin to ease back into light physical activities. Most women are able to comfortably start driving.

your recovery journey

You would be back to your normal daily routine and enjoying your new shape. Normal post-operative bruising and swelling should be gone, and your scars will begin to fade and diminish. You are able to fully resume normal exercise.

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Not quite sure? here’s some common questions …

The vast majority of women undergoing a Tummy Tuck or a Body Lift will need a muscle repair. The reason for this is that either due to weight loss or pregnancies, the abdominal wall stretches and the rectus muscles separate (divarication). A muscle repair will help flatten your tummy, reshape your waist and improve your contour. There is also now evidence that it helps with core strength, back pain and urinary incontinence.

Your scar will run from hip to hip for a tummy tuck and be sitting as low as possible so as to be hidden by bikinis and underwear. Other surgeons may try and use a shorter scar, but this will generally result in either dog ears or a higher scar.
In our experience, based on feedback from satisfied patients, a long low scar is much better, and more preferable, than a higher short scar.

Firstly, there is no reason that you could not have another child. Your skin will stretch just like it would prior to surgery. The big unknown is how much it will shrink back down after your pregnancy. This will vary from person to person. It is unlikely that your skin would go back to what it was like prior to your tummy tuck. However, if there was some recurrent laxity, then it could likely be addressed with a revision. The same would apply if you put on weight.

Yes. To get the best results and aid recovery, you’ll need to wear garments that support and hold your tummy. At Re. we supply two specially garments which you’ll need to wear for 6 weeks after your surgery.

This is marketing spin!! Beware of anyone promoting a “mini” tummy tuck – the results will often be “mini” too.

It is confusing for the patients because having something “mini” sounds like the best of both worlds. It generally refers to a shorter scar Tummy Tuck, or avoiding a scar around the belly buttons. Except for rare cases this is not a good option. It either means a higher scar, lower belly button or bad dog ears which means you need revision surgery, which results in a lower scar. A high scar is never a good idea in tummy tuck surgery.

Why Re.?


  • You’ll be cared for by superbly skilled Plastic Surgeons with 25 years combined experience.
  • Specialists in tummy surgery.
  • FRACS accredited and members of the peak Australian plastic surgery associations.


  • All procedures conducted in accredited hospitals, and with specialist anaesthetists.
  • Our exclusive Re.Care Surgery Program provides superior levels of pre-operative and post-operative care.
  • You’ll have extra treatment to reduce the signs of scars which includes laser therapy to assist in the healing process.


  • Luxurious, private consulting rooms considered to be the best in Melbourne.
  • The most up-to-date software Touch MD to show you what your tummy tuck will look like, helping you feel confident about your decision before you commit.


  • There are no hidden costs:
  • The cost you’re quoted will be the price you pay. $12,990.

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